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Welcome to The Micronation Wiki!

The Micronation Wiki is a wiki and community for micronations, and micronational leaders.

The wiki will be full of juicy articles about other micronations. Create one about your micronation! Micronations are small and unrecognized nations formed by just ordinary people. Micronations can be secessionist states, alt govs, fraudulent, and/or just plain fantasy.

Please read the Rules so you can get a better understanding how we operate here. And so you can know the rules, to make sure you don't break them.

If you need any assistance, feel free to go on the chat or PM other members or staff. If you are really impatient to get help though, go to the Help page.

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Did you know...

That you can add your nation's facts here?


  • Grunkia.png Grunkia Work now begins on the constitution of Grunkia.
  • Aug. 12, 2013-Wiki has been created.